2,5k, 4k and 6k HMIs are the current standard found in European theaters.
The ALPHA 9kW Opera has been specifically designed for theatrical use and delivers the lighting designer with the highest-quality and
lighting performance.

ALPHA 6/9kW Opera

• 1st 9kW Fresnel HMI for Theater use
• 3x brighter as the 6k HMI (in flood)
• Equal Light Distribution
• Wide Opening Angle
• Down Light Operation (permanent with open shutter, closed 1h)
• Virtually No Light Leakage
• Rear Entry Bulb Access
• Center Point of Gravity Located in Yoke Axis
• 6.000W or 9.000W bulb
• 39,5kg with lens
• L 44cm x W 80cm x H 78cm (without shutter)
• 450mm Removable Fresnel Lens

ALPHA 6/9k Opera

Shutter MJ 410

• 16 bit Dimmer Shutter Control
• Extremely slow as well as very quick (flashing) Shutter Control
• DMX IN and DMX OUT (XLR 5pin)
• DMX + 230V Schuko or DMX (XLR 4pin) Control
• Simplistic Digital Control
• Cutout: 470mm/500mm
• Mounting Attachment designed for ALPHA 9k,
• Dismountable

Shutter MJ

EVG 6/9kW Theater

• output power: 6000W, 9000W
• silent: thermal controlled fans
• small: L 47cm x W 26cm x H 31cm
• lightweight: 24kg
• dimmable: down to 50%
• control: Either manual (Start bottom),
   or remotely (by DMX),
   or remotely by relay (Automode)
• power factor corrected: cos phi > 0,98
• connector: Canon Veam
• input voltage: 190-265V AC
• current draw: 42A @ 230V

Electronic Ballast 6/9kW Theatre completely silent