STS LIGHTING GMBH established by Stefan Schmidt

After completing a degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering, I worked as a theatrical engineer at the Munich Opera House, from there I went on to enhance my professional skills with the
‘Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding’.

I have 13 years experience as a product manager for ARRI Lighting. As a product manager I was
responsible for the successful launch of 15 lighting products whose market placement was a direct
result of my contribution and commitment.

I clearly understand the language as well the needs of people such as DoPs, Gaffers and Lighting Designers.

In 2013 I founded STS Lighting GmbH. STS Lighting GmbH delivers planning and realization for
complex lighting systems. I also develop lighting products with reputable partners in which
are based on my design specifications.

My 25 years of dedication to high quality lighting will surely follow me while I pursue my fascinating passion in the times to come.